CoToPle App Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoToPle?

CoToPle is a free mobile app bringing local service providers to those who seek their services. What type of services do you offer?

CoToPle is Davao’s first mobile platform for local service on demand and the fastest way to hire a trusted local service provider in the city.

How does it work?

We’ve made the process simplified, fast and easy. All you need is to:
  • Submit the type of services you need, indicate your location, date and time you request the said service.
  • We share your service request to our registered local service providers that match your need.
  • Local service providers will send you offers or quotes and review their offers.
  • Book your preferred local service provider and pay upon the completion of service.
  • Leave feedback to help future customers.

How do I register?

Open the CoToPle app, choose whether you are a Local Service Provider or Customer then, click the Register button. Fill-up the required fields and submit. The app will automatically redirect you to the registered user page and start using the app immediately.

Do you collect money for registration?

We offer token for local service providers for them to use every successful transaction. For the consumers, CoToPle app is free to use.

Who are the Service Providers?

Our local service providers are skilled professionals and small businesses. We can guarantee that they will provide all the best services you need.

Who sets prices for services?

The cost of service is entirely set and agreed by both the local service provider and the customer. CoToPle does not control the cost of their services.

What are the costs for customers?

CoToPle app is free to use for customers.

When will I be billed for using the service?

Customers will be charged once the service is completed by their preferred local service provider. For Local Service Providers, they will purchase tokens via CoToPle website to continue using the app for service transactions.

What support do CoToPle provide for inquiries and problems?

If you have inquiries and problems, we are happy to assist with your needs. You can email us at [email protected] or contact us at (082) 233 9052.

CoToPle is a free mobile app bringing local service providers to those who seek their services.